May. 26th, 2014

redheadfae: (witchblade)
This kid was not an emo whiner, nor was he some awkward loser. I do not believe that he was "rejected and bullied all his life for being socially very awkward".. He was a smooth sociopath, he convinced the police under questioning about his previous actions on a welfare check instigated by this mother (what? was she too busy to check on her own son.. now there's some rejection for you)... convinced the police that he was a "nice polite guy", and yet, he wrote, "I will punish all females for the crime of depriving me of sex." Touch of rape culture entitlement? No, his vitriol is totally based on it.

Yes, he was rejected.. most likely for being an asshole to the "spoiled stuck up blonde slut(s)" who "refused to give him sex", and for being an ass to his former roommate for "having a slut in his room."

This is not Asperger's. I wonder at the parents who send a kid out into the college community when he'd broken down and declared himself suicidal at the family table. Did they even believe him? Looking at his timeline in town, *he* was the bully. I'm willing to bet it didn't suddenly pop up just because he was away from home. He planned to kill his brother to keep him from passing him up.

It's not just about guns, either. He used knives to kill his roommates; he ran people down with his car. Nope, the problem goes deeper and is societal... that this jackass felt entitled to the prettiest girls, and when they didn't respond to the hatred he'd already expressed, he decided to "slaughter them all." This is misogyny, and it added up to yet another case of people noticing a problem, yet not doing enough about it.

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