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Purrfect day for making some Venison-Pumpkin Chili to take to a picnic later.
Had a wonderful time last night wandering Mass St after the Catfish Fry. Zydeco on Mass!

I picked up a really cool mask, dunno if I'll wear it for Hallow's Eve or just hang it on the wall.

Beautiful lilies in the kitchen smelling up the house!

Omar Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble concert was faboo. He was very thrilled when I brought out the two "The Sultans" albums for him to sign, showed them around and took lots of pics. My pic even made the article on the Caravan Serai site!

Brunch Passion Party tomorrow.

Checking Life Pulse: Very Good.
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It's amazing how a day/month change and a little sunlight out there can make my mood lift.  February is over, I have some bulbs to plant, some sewing to do, and just changing the calendar made my morning happier.  I also have to call in for jury duty tonight, we'll see what happens.  I probably won't be picked when they find out I worked for the District Attorney's office  :)

Last night I made this fish taco recipe with the onions that have been marinating for about four days.. oh yum! Thank you, [ profile] chernobylred for pointing out that recipe.

Fish Tacos in processFish Tacos in process

Cod cooking in the skillet, marinated in olive oil, cumin, oregano, chili powder and fresh cilantro. This came from Hy-Vee on 6th st, the guys at the meat counter there are super. Now that I know I like this, I'll try it with mahi-mahi next time, and no flaking it up.

Sorry, no pics of the end result, as the corn tortillas I used were too floppy, so we ate it off forks. I really need to buy fresh tortillas from Checkers for my Mex foods.

I also made a flower arrangement this weekend from hydrangeas, delphiniums and a stalk of the gorgeous white lillies from the Hyv. It makes me happy to see and smell these gorgeous blooms.


March 1st at last!!!!   .. and how *you* doin'?

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