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Well, the storms last night really kept people in and I had a practically no-show party in KC. Ah well, bad with the good. For the winter, I think I'm going to need to pick up at least a part-time gig for the bad weather nights where I will likely get cancellations.

Dad has been doing well, he's had both his cataracts removed now. I'm amazed at the advances in medicine, they corrected his vision with the lenses they implanted. Other than for his double vision (needs prism in his glasses due to a muscular paralysis), he wouldn't have to wear glasses again. Mum's got done .. no glasses for her now but her "cheaters". Dad goes in December for a hip replacement, he'd hoped to have it done before any shitty weather set in, so here's hoping on that for him.

I had to share this!
I adore feats of strength combined with music and spectacle, ie Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil. But I don't think any of them have caught my breath like this French act:

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This is going on my bucket list, I want to do this! Maybe not for a world record number, but just to be in a large group of people ...

Full story of this launching here

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