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Oh blissful full night's sleep and late lie-in!
Bliss, I tell you.

One for you Cumberbatch fans! Doubly so for costume geeks! Because you've seen that dress coat before, funny that it was on Jon Lee Miller who has gone on to play the US Sherlock.
I just spent way too much time on that tumblr, but oh I love it so.

Oh this is what I would do, should the unspeakable ever happen...can you imagine having your prosthesis jewelled up? or looking like a work of art?

And now, Jbird is off today, so moah lazing!
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We watched Burlesque  last night, and I loved it, as much as Moulin Rouge, Chicago and Nine.
Yes, I am a sucker for a musical with showgirl costumes.  And this pearl costume ?
Sooo much better in the flesh, because of course, the flesh was hard to tell where it began and where it ended.
(Thanks, [ profile] chernobylred for linking to that guys' photostream in your post)

Not quite as impressive as the one in Kama Sutra, but definitely a stunner. 
Even better were the rhinestone creations.

Both Cher and Christina did well in this, even if the plot was a bit thin.
I don't watch these flicks for great plotlines.

ETA from below: 
OTOH, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigadet and Alan Cummings were *adorable*.
I just want to pinch their cute little cheeks!

Lots of pretty for the money in this flick.

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