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Aug. 26th, 2013 12:13 pm
redheadfae: (April 2010 peeking in)
That long ago, that short of a time ago, we won the right to vote, ladies.

We are not about to give it up. If you want to keep fighting for voters' rights, for all people, see more women in legislation and DO SOMETHING locally, get involved. Douglas County NOW meetings are happening at Conroy's Pub every second Tuesday evening.

And that woman's coat at the beginning... *covet*
redheadfae: (April 2010 peeking in)
Hey fellow Target shoppers, if you should see this dress on the clearance rack in Large or even XL, or in black, snap it up for me, please? I'll gladly pay you postage and finder's fee lil gift :)
It's made by Xhilaration, is a soft cotton knit, and not avail online, or anywhere in the Lawrence/KS area but at Overland Park. I'm hoping someone can find it elsewhere in the state/country, or heck even if it's in black (but not the stripes).


I'm also needing some end-of-month orders for Passion Parties, and some hosting for August/September. Let me know if you're interested in helping me out. I have a discount code for online orders at my website, THANKYOU20, it's good thru August 1.

I'm also pretty excited about getting a fancy new webcam and trying out some virtual parties/demos!
Things are looking up. I just sold a couple high-end items by doing private consultations, so that's another avenue I'm exploring.

Oh, and now for the begging, please go like my Facebook page :) Feedback is welcome here on any of my postings, too.

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