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Oh, do I need this T-shirt.. I'll bet some of my friends, too.

only knives left

I can't remember how to make the pic a link, if someone does, please tell me. But here's the link to the T or a patch .. and $5 goes to Lupus Ontario for recognizing the Spoon Theory. But it really should go to the gal who first came up with it.
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I'm going to link instead of embedding this, because the preview spoils it (it's only 20 sec long)

Katy Perry's Secret Identity

And this.. wow, it's very well done.. why didn't we think of doing this ourselves starting years ago? There are earlier clips at the youtube.

In personal news, the sweetie and I had a virtually liquor-free weekend. Virtually, because we cheated a teensy, I had two glasses of wine and he had two beers on Saturday evening.  We got a LOT done and I'm even starting to have a space downstairs for dance/exercise!  Next step, he's putting up my wall mirrors.  They were salvaged from a bathroom, so they will only be useful for torso viewing, haha! but I'll have one on the front and side walls, respectively. Maybe I can piece in a couple of smaller mirrors to get a full-length somewhere in there, but yes! space!

Edit:  Forgot to mention, I'm having a bloaty time because I threw caution to the wind and dammit! I had a sammich! It was a delicious sourdough grilled cheese that I wanted so badly, and I also ate watermelon because it was so refreshingly delicious.  I'll live with the bloat for now, but at least it didn't hurt.  Maybe my wheat issue is fructans after all.

I found more infor on Fructose Free Foods, of course, some of which is contradictory to other info.

Also, Sweet Tarts can be useful! I cut/pasted this from a blog, which I will not link because it was a bit preachy, but this was interesting: Some Basic Fructose Knowledge ● Fructose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) which the body uses for energy ● Sugar (sucrose) is made up of 50% fructose and 50% glucose. and so she should only consume limited amount of it. ● Glucose is needed in order to process fructose - so glucose (or dextrose) is good ● When balancing a fructose diet you must look for items that have a higher level of glucose in them then fructose (and unfortunately this is not general knowledge and takes time to learn) ● Fructans are chains of fructose and wheat has fructans in it therefore making it unsuitable for many who have Fructose Malabsorption ● Sweet Tarts are almost pure glucose and so for Rebecca they are considered medicine. -if it is likely Rebecca will not be able to maintain her diet or is going to eat something that she probably shouldn’t have she can eat SweetTarts about 5-10 minutes before having the food in order to give her system extra glucose to process the incoming fructose -this will only work for excess fructose but not fructans (wheat and onions) -although this helps it is not a cure ... the body still has a total fructose tolerance level and no matter how much glucose you consume it’s going to suffer Also.. (does this ever end?) nope.. here's the yahoogroup for FM Australia, for those of you following along at home.

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