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After much deliberation and a near chickening out this morning, this happened, cut to hide the cut: )My eyes checked out okay, but the astigmatism has doubled, which explains my weird "shadowing" vision. Good to know it's correctable, although it's back to glasses if I want to see very well.Should I go for these glasses? )
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So, the first stripping took it to this brassy shade, which I had to stick with because our damned shower broke, and I can't do hair dye in the fabulously tiled shower.Cut for All The Pix )

I got some more ColorZap and did a second once the shower was fixed. I pinned up the bright red below and just did the "canopy":

Here it is in the sunlight:


And showing the contrast:
hairs through timeline
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Yesterday I whipped up several deviled eggs whilst making my trial run of Quickie Egg Tater Salad.
It all started when I was doing a shopping trip and got tempted by spying a container of Deviled Egg Potato Salad, but was shocked by the price .. over FIVE BUCKS for a little pint container! I love that stuff, but hate the time it takes and heating up the kitchen to boil potatoes for just a small amount. Then I remembered tinned potatoes! I found (even better!) tins of sliced cooked potatoes, HyVee brand.
(Side note: HyVee brand of so many items is really good quality stuff, and nearly always has only a minimum of ingredients, no HFCS, rarely any preservatives or questionable ingredients, and is much cheaper than brand name.)
Once home again, since I'd already boiled and set the eggs aside, I whipped up the deviled egg mix, with lots extra, opened the tin, drained it and diced the slices right in the tin. A quick dump n mix, and quick as flash, I had a reasonably sized bowl of Quickie Egg Tater Salad cooling in the icebox. (I love saying "icebox" instead of "fridge")

Now, thanks to [ profile] shrijani, I am craving salmon/fish, and really really want to try this, especially SALMON BACON. The whole thing looks delightful.

ETA: In other news.. PONYTAIL !!!

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