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At least 10 phone calls to make, more bill auto-pay to set up, sheets in the laundry,
hair to be dyed, and follow-ups made.

Rest, breathe and then count down some more.
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Oh, do I need this T-shirt.. I'll bet some of my friends, too.

only knives left

I can't remember how to make the pic a link, if someone does, please tell me. But here's the link to the T or a patch .. and $5 goes to Lupus Ontario for recognizing the Spoon Theory. But it really should go to the gal who first came up with it.


Dec. 3rd, 2014 07:05 am
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I had a scare with my vision on Friday, had been having "lightning flashes" and hazy sight. I made an appt and emailed Dr. Harvat, who told me "come in now". These can be normal PVD, Posterior Vitreol Detachment events, or they can be a symptom of a retinal tear from the same floater detaching from the retinal tissues. Thankfully, it was the former. I'm leaving this open as a personal PSA to my friends also hitting the mid-century mark. Have those eyeballs checked when something goes out of normal.

I found this on the newsfeed of that other place. Beware of GMO humans. He has a good message.

On his playlist, I also found this one, "Dear Mr. President". Well done, Prince Ea.

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Dad's home and well.

Here's a thought, waking in the middle of the night is normal, not insomnia. Well, if we lived a few hundred years ago, that is.
"I tell them that what they are experiencing is a throwback to the bi-modal sleep pattern."

Here's something fun: Recycle your broken sex toy! You'll get a $10 credit with Scarlet Girl. But please come back and see me ;) I've got the new We-Vibe 4 and the Leaf Vitality 2, or at least I will have by next week. I'm really thrilled to see these new toys, because, you know, fully submersible, USB-chargable, and remote control.. yah! Plus.. new men's body goodies,

V day launch

I've got to get some parties on the calendar, I got the blues in November and need to get ramped up for the upcoming holiday/pre-Valentine season. (Of course, my dear friends are welcome to see anything without a party, just ask)
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I wondered when someone would post about Katy Perry's Kimono act on the AMAs.

I think it's time for me to explore a Candida cleanse. The ringing in my ears is about driving me mad, and I have the "burning tongue" and soreness. This looks pretty easy to try for a start.

And because I like things simple, I found these pages:

Foods to Avoid

Foods to Eat

There is also a simple at home test and lots of info on symptoms here. I have too many of these to even think about right now.
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Jbird is pretty excited about upgrading our telly delivery. I am, too, since I'll be able to take recorded programs on the go, like for when I want my pal who's ill to see a recent movie.
Of course, with all things big company style, a miscommunication happened and we got the wrong equipment installed, but that will be sorted this next week, when the Real Upgrade arrives. I don't wonder if they do it on purpose, figuring most poor slobs won't know the difference that they didn't get the newest?
For my friends who are untied to any viewing companies, I found a list of 11 places to get TV viewing without paying.

There's a big argument on FB off a friend's page regarding this article on CrossFit's dirty secret. IMO, it looks rather sensational. I welcome any input I can give her from any of you who do CrossFit. I haven't heard anything like this from you, but I have run across articles from bodybuilders on keeping track of one's creatinine kinase (CPK) levels when working out hard. Thus far, I haven't pushed myself very hard since I don't have a trainer, and I'm more leery of my cortisol levels, so it won't apply to me, but for the sake of the conversation, other views are welcome so I can relay them to her.
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I've had a marvelous weekend, starting with a vending event where I got tons of leads, a super-fun party on Friday (no expectations and yet, it was among my top selling parties), a trip to a supermall, movies and relaxation.

Funniest bit at the party was where one guest told another, after a zinger, to "eat a bag of dicks" and another gal yelled out, "*She's* got the bag of dicks up there!"
New top seller for me.. Glitter Gel Body Lotion. This stuff is great and it doesn't transfer off once it dries. The bellydancers at last week's party love it.

I finally got to see "Now You See Me" which I had hoped would be at least as good as "The Prestige" what with Michael Caine being in it. It wasn't quite as good, but worthy of watching nonetheless.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon seeing "The World's End" which was as hilarious as I hoped. Think of Brit version of Men in Black, really. Definitely a welcome distraction, even if the end was a bit dragged out.

I finally got a SodaStream so I can make my own fizzy water, now to find the time to do it today.
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It's been a rough start to the week, what with Pablo back at kitteh hospital on Saturday. Urinary issues again, but not a blockage, it seems he's not able to empty his bladder fully and it's backed up. I did get to see him yesterday and he was One Very Nuzzly Kitty. He'll come home today and it's back on the Cosequin for good. Thankfully, my insistence on his diet was correct and he has NO, as in ZERO, struvite in his urine. So, suck it, Hills, there are better foods out there.

In party news, I had two parties this weekend, and did right at $1600 in sales! That brings me around $600 income, not bad for weekend gigs, eh?
We also got a new brochure with a harness in it.. (aboutdamntime) and with wording that is all women inclusive.. yay!
Passion Parties marketing had traditionally been a bit slanted toward hetero couples, with us changing wording as we see fit to be inclusive, but they have changed with the times. The new brochure is for *every* woman, with plans for a brochure geared toward men as well. I'm glad to be part of progressive movement!
Want to see it? PM me or comment on my Rae's Passion page and I'll get one for you.

In other good news, I woke up hungry today. This is a Very Good Thing, because it means I'm getting my liver enzymes back in balance. Also, exploring various toxicities, such as copper (old water pipes, anyone?)
57 days sober.

And for your entertainment, I give you Patrick Stewart's native dialect:

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The DIY Couturier has some great posts on depression and the Happy Culture, as well answering the Happy Ignorant. I'm fighting mine again, and it got pretty bleak just a day or two ago. It reminds me of the ignorant remarks I've gotten over the years from healthcare folks, like the nurse practitioner who told me cheerily, without inquiring as to my current level of exercise, that if I just exercised 30 min three times a week, my libido would come back in no time. Or the shrink that looked past what I was telling her about my experience with anorgasm on anti-depressants and kept suggesting that I try various types of vibrators. Gah.

I digress. I do that a lot lately.
Either way, I'm working it out, and going to give Yeshe's Success Cleanse a go, since she targets more than just eating and says she can easily work with me on my various health bits for the food. This Saturday is the start (and she does have a couple of openings still, I promised her I'd mention that.) Part of my challenge is that she is one of the over-the-top Happy Folks, and sometimes the Wheee! Spiritual/Love! Positivity! grates on my nerves, but I need to face this and challenge myself to meet it somewhere in the middle.

Got this message on a bhuz thread, and as a comment to my entry about my zils, so basically there is no more panic, but I'm still glad I jumped in got mine before the changeover.

Officially on behalf of Mr. Harry Saroyan and Saroyan Cymbals I would like to address the doubts and fears being expressed online regarding the future of Saroyan Zills and their availability for professionals and enthusiast in the music and dance industries. After 45 years as the leader in production, Harry has decided to turn over the reins of Saroyan Mastercrafts, and is currently securing new ownership for Saroyan Cymbals… In the mean time have no fear, Harry’s zills will again be available for purchase online (Saroyan Cymbals) on June 15, 2013 and will continue to be produced to meet the high demand for quality zills for many, many years to come. It is very important to Harry that his strict guidelines for superiority and craftsmanship are maintained, and he gives his personal promise that his fans will be very pleased with his successor. In the intervening time please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns… Sincerely, Heather Lint, Netreva Inc. c/o Saroyan Mastercrafts
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What the what? I've not had this happen so quickly before!

I've had a scratchy throat off and on for a week or more, thought it was spring allergies or needing to change the filter. Lazy and hadn't done it. Yesterday I awoke with a fully clogged head, sneezing, sniffling, nose running like a faucet, the full-on "you've got a Real Cold now, missy!" shit.

I drank two Kombuchas.. one to try a new brand, and one after Yeshe suggested ginger to me, and I had just bought some Gingerade flavor. I also took a couple packets of electrolytes at intervals, and tried to knock myself out with NyQuil, which didn't work because I was just not tired. But hey ho, finally got to sleep around 10:30.

I woke up this morning, just a bit groggy, but once I was up, I felt like a whole new person. The running nose is GONE, the clogged head, GONE. My eyes were puffy, and a bit crusty, but that's the only sign of what appeared to be a full on cold yesterday.
I'm drinking another gingerade kombucha right now, and I'm not even hungry yet either.

I am sold on this stuff.

ETA: Also, having a conversation with Yeshe Chodron this afternoon to see if her Success Cleanse might be effective and amenable to my eating. I don't mean to get all woo-woo again, but putting positive people around me who are willing to be helpful and give me some pointers seems like a good idea. Hell, if the Kombucha with ginger that she suggested is ANY indicator by how well I feel today, I think I'm already sold on her program, just need to work it out a bit.
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So last night, after a good deal of thought, I realized that I've been in a borderline depression for quite some time now. Enough that I'm on the verge of considering chemical support for it. I do not want to do this, so I'm heading for other possibilities, like dancing more, listening to music more, etc.
And BAM, there it is, as if I didn't need a bigger Clue-by-Four from the Universe, I have a dreadful head cold today. Then I find an interesting conversation on emotions and health.
So. hmph.

I also found myself in the Pre-Cold of having a very short temper with people, so I'm guarding my interactions today, limited to folks whom I know understand me, or have known me for a long time.
Because mostly I feel like this, although I'm trying very hard to be more positive and looking for understanding, rather than letting random strangers get my dander up:

Elizabeth flips off

I think I need a nap.
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I think I've been spending too much time on electronic media, although I do prefer to get my news through social networks because, well, network news a) sucks b) depresses me and c) is so slanted that it makes me want to scream at the telly.
With my networks, I can focus keywords and block keywords.
Without it, my cortisol stays much more level.

Actually, I'm finding some very interesting articles on that site, as to nutrition and healing, like a list of neurogeneratives. The site appears to list studies to support the info, so far so good. I'll keep checking. Anything to take my mind off the ugly white stuff out the window.

M's lovely senior kitty let me know he was not amused with me being late for breakfast. He hissed all the way to the kitchen, looking back to me every other step to make sure that I heard/saw his displeasure. Of course, once the food was down, petting was welcome. It was hilarious!
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I'm going to link instead of embedding this, because the preview spoils it (it's only 20 sec long)

Katy Perry's Secret Identity

And this.. wow, it's very well done.. why didn't we think of doing this ourselves starting years ago? There are earlier clips at the youtube.

In personal news, the sweetie and I had a virtually liquor-free weekend. Virtually, because we cheated a teensy, I had two glasses of wine and he had two beers on Saturday evening.  We got a LOT done and I'm even starting to have a space downstairs for dance/exercise!  Next step, he's putting up my wall mirrors.  They were salvaged from a bathroom, so they will only be useful for torso viewing, haha! but I'll have one on the front and side walls, respectively. Maybe I can piece in a couple of smaller mirrors to get a full-length somewhere in there, but yes! space!

Edit:  Forgot to mention, I'm having a bloaty time because I threw caution to the wind and dammit! I had a sammich! It was a delicious sourdough grilled cheese that I wanted so badly, and I also ate watermelon because it was so refreshingly delicious.  I'll live with the bloat for now, but at least it didn't hurt.  Maybe my wheat issue is fructans after all.

I found more infor on Fructose Free Foods, of course, some of which is contradictory to other info.

Also, Sweet Tarts can be useful! I cut/pasted this from a blog, which I will not link because it was a bit preachy, but this was interesting: Some Basic Fructose Knowledge ● Fructose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) which the body uses for energy ● Sugar (sucrose) is made up of 50% fructose and 50% glucose. and so she should only consume limited amount of it. ● Glucose is needed in order to process fructose - so glucose (or dextrose) is good ● When balancing a fructose diet you must look for items that have a higher level of glucose in them then fructose (and unfortunately this is not general knowledge and takes time to learn) ● Fructans are chains of fructose and wheat has fructans in it therefore making it unsuitable for many who have Fructose Malabsorption ● Sweet Tarts are almost pure glucose and so for Rebecca they are considered medicine. -if it is likely Rebecca will not be able to maintain her diet or is going to eat something that she probably shouldn’t have she can eat SweetTarts about 5-10 minutes before having the food in order to give her system extra glucose to process the incoming fructose -this will only work for excess fructose but not fructans (wheat and onions) -although this helps it is not a cure ... the body still has a total fructose tolerance level and no matter how much glucose you consume it’s going to suffer Also.. (does this ever end?) nope.. here's the yahoogroup for FM Australia, for those of you following along at home.
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The past few weeks I've been attending a "water workout" at a friend's pool. We're a guinea pig class for a local personal trainer, so it's partly serious workout and partly party time/feedback after whereupon we drink wine. She calls it Waves and Wine.. I refer to it as Whine & Wine, because we whine a lot at first: the pool is still a bit chilly.
Great news is: she's willing to do some barter and/or very reduced rate training with me to work on some limitations I have now.  For example, we used those rubber bands under foot to do bicep curls, and although I can bring it up to shoulder height on the right, my left arm can't even lift to waist level.  I knew it was getting weak when I can't pick up a saucepan or skillet to pour, but it shocked even me that it was THAT weak.  There's not a lot she can do for nerve damage that might or might not be permanent, but she also wants to be able to help me with modifications for the exercises I really can't do.

Last night, I noticed that I was actually using my shoulder and back muscles to lift my hand up to my face, thus skewing my back. This probably explains the terribly painful shoulder for the past two months.  Might be time to find a GOOD neurologist, because the ones at LMH are beyond arrogant and most unhelpful.

In other news, we are taking an alcohol-free weekend, and this might be my opportunity to get on a Whole30 start with Jbird.

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