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Oh.. the lovely ladies of Advanced Style are back on my radar, and looking better than ever in the lower photos.

Keeping up, the truck did run $304 more for all the welding.. if you need and exhaust/automotive welding work, I definitely recommend Rich Johnson in N. Lawrence, he of the home-built local Batmobile fame.

Pablo did not get to come home for the weekend. Poor kitty, he's still having troubles. The bill has reached frightening levels for me so I'm posting several of my inventory items up for sale on my FB. Please, if you head over there, have caution to not connect my blog here to my FB postings. Thank you!

Basically, any orders can be placed with free shipping until about 10pm Sunday night, as long as you go personally through me and not the website.

C'mon Pablo get well!

In exciting news, Bette Midler is going to play Mae West!

And this is wonderful: Today, I Met God. I'd say he nailed it!

If that isn't enough Good Feels for you, let me point out 28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013. I don't know which I like the best, really. Perhaps Mindy.
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For future reference, these three yoga poses for gut health. The guts are not happy today, and I need to attend a meeting this evening. Bleh.

I'm also doing a bitch call to FedEx. They dropped my bank card at my neighbor's across the street! And I was home on Saturday. It's a good think he's a Nice Neighbor and brought it over.

On a happy note:
These kids are awesome! My 12 yr old self would have been following them around.

Unlocking The Truth - Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness delivered all I had hoped. LOVED IT.
Although, holy crap, am I the only one who has considered light ear plugs for the movie theater?
One of the previews they showed actually hurt my ears, it was so loud. I spent most of them with my fingers over my ears. Coincidentally, this article on annoying hearing people showed up in my feed this morning, and I think it's valid for all interactions, quite frankly.
I think we'll go ahead and see Fast & Furious 6 at the big screen as well. The AMC or Legends, that is. We went ahead and ran to the local, since we had a lot to get done yesterday, but the filth, politics and horridly uncomfortable seats have driven us away.

In other celebrity notes, on things that deliver:

Zach is so adorably funny, and now I love him even more. Although I have to snicker at the wording in that article that could lead one to believe that he's married to Bradley Cooper.

This is simply beautiful and moving:

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Hope for humanity

Donors from all over the country, and even worldwide, chip in to feed the Wisconsin protestors!~

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