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We managed to fit in a trip to Mum and Dad's to pick up movies, visit and have a couple meals together.

The end of my "sorry you're not feeling well" lilies is nigh.. so one more pic of the glory that is the Stargazer Lily. I adore the scent of these flowers, and it fills the house

The flowers have hit full bloom for Spring and I like it so much that I think I'll put in more bulbs. I mean, plant once, enjoy for years, right?

Saturday, I put on what passes for running shoes in my wardrobe and went out and did sprints alternating with fast walking .. around the block and a little further. I'm so sore! But I did it, and even made Jbird come with me.. well it was getting dark, so not a bad idea.

He bought me a Final Four Tshirt. I don't wear standard unisex Ts much, nor do I like putting on clothing with slogans (sports at that!), but I appreciate the thought. So, of course, I modified it, based on the slasher T. Much better.

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Faith in humanity x 2

'Hawks win, the open-container rule goes into effect at 6pm, fans celebrate, high-fiving in the streets and laughing racously. No vandalism or unruliness occurs, police make no arrests.

Dolphins end up suddenly stranded on the beach, and people come to rescue:

Points if you make the subject connection.

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