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Even though shit has hit the fan and Pablo is still under observation at the vet *sob* the infection was really bad... things are getting better.
I have a very good shot at a temp position for the Golf Course Superintendents' Association. I'll let that sink in for a minute. Okay, you can stop laughing now. Because part of the assignment is 5 days in Florida for the conference. In Feb. You know, when we're about to go batshit crazy from winter.
Pay isn't great, but... better than the about to be cut off emergency unemployment.. especially when there's diddly squat for assignments and jobs right now.

I'm having a sale on several products on Facebook right now, so if you're interested drop me a note, and I'll clue you in. One thing on sale is the Soft and Silky Shave Lotion and Protective spray, for $25 (and tax/shipping) or $10 for just the Lotion. Also Clean & Simple spray toy cleanser, and the Pear flavor Embrace lube.
I'm offering deals on everything that is ordered online, because I really need a boost this month. Order deadline for Xmas delivery is the 16th. Thank you for any and all support.
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After much deliberation and a near chickening out this morning, this happened, cut to hide the cut: )My eyes checked out okay, but the astigmatism has doubled, which explains my weird "shadowing" vision. Good to know it's correctable, although it's back to glasses if I want to see very well.Should I go for these glasses? )
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So the truck has to go back because the tie rod fix did not take care of the noise, and after leaving it all day Friday, the conclusion is that it needs a new ball joint. *sigh*
And then Jbird had a near flat tire that went back down a second time, so we took THAT in and he had a big nail in it. Thankfully, fixable and no new tire needed.

So, Saturday.. the Choose Joy seminar. I had wondered how 'choosing Joy' fitted in with the Train Your Brain bit, and this pieced it together for me. Basically, how Train Your Brain works is to get you out of the Cycle of Perpetual Sameness (negative thoughts, negative actions, negative results). This goes a bit deeper than simple Positive Thinking, which can feel bloody false. Think of it this way.. say you buy a Ford Fusion. You've never really noticed them before, but suddenly there are dozens of them out on the road. You wave at each other, feel a little lift and notice more and more of them when you're out.
Same sort of thing: there aren't MORE FFs on the road, but now your subconscious has raised them into your conscious mind and you see them apart from all the other vehicles out there. So.. getting out of a shitty mindset involves training the conscious mind to see positives and feel the emotion of being lifted up by them, then the subconscious strives to find more matches and you do start seeing more, thereby feeling better. how this happens )
Then we spent the afternoon on Vision Boards.. more on that to come.
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Aw, hell, for once I do feel like going to the flix on a Friday with Jbird, but that's out, because he's having his eyes dilated this afternoon.

I stopped by Dr. Lenahan's office to check it out and see if I'd think I'd like to apply to go back into Optical work. Never mind. Man, that office is packed to where they have to squeeze past each other to get to anything, and all the frames are in locked cases, so you can't really let anyone browse, there's no station at which to let a person sit and do measurements, either. Plus, I told the guy who brought out some frames for me that I would like to see about making an appt. He walked up to the desk, bummed a cig from one woman, danced around and chatted with two other of the gals, but NOT ONCE did he bother to tell any of them that I wanted to make an appt. I was completely ignored. I waited for the one person to finish making a payment, and finally one woman asked if I needed help... five minutes later. er.. I don't think I'd like it there after all. There was one cute young woman who chatted on with me about glasses and is sure that we are daughters of different mothers, but I think being around her all day would be nerve-wracking.. way, way too high energy.

Ah well, I have my resume submitted to two law offices, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

At least this made the other half of my day:

Oh, and Naomi made blog entries documenting her amazing process of her daughter Lily's Marie Antoinette costume. That's a princess costume I can certainly admire!
Thrifted sheets and no historical costuming experience of this level!

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Purrfect day for making some Venison-Pumpkin Chili to take to a picnic later.
Had a wonderful time last night wandering Mass St after the Catfish Fry. Zydeco on Mass!

I picked up a really cool mask, dunno if I'll wear it for Hallow's Eve or just hang it on the wall.

Beautiful lilies in the kitchen smelling up the house!

Omar Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble concert was faboo. He was very thrilled when I brought out the two "The Sultans" albums for him to sign, showed them around and took lots of pics. My pic even made the article on the Caravan Serai site!

Brunch Passion Party tomorrow.

Checking Life Pulse: Very Good.

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