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Feb. 11th, 2014 02:19 pm
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I am LOVING this new series True Detective with Woody Harrelson and (still gaunt) Matthew McConnaughey. It's dark and gritty and brilliant for both of them.


On a similar tack.. I put off watching The Dallas Buyers Club, but finally caved, and I'm very glad I did. It was very, very good.. and yes, brought back some memories, but we need to remember just how far we have come from HIV+ and AIDS being a death sentence.

The upcoming new 300 flick looks interesting. Female lead? Oh yes, please.

Have you contacted YOUR representatives today?

The Day We Fight Back
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In good news, Daddy is feeling a bit better. Still breathless at the least exertion and fighting feeling terribly down, but he sounded better after I talked to him yesterday. We're going to see him for his birthday tomorrow, and bringing some yummy Mex food. Hence, starting the Whole30 a day or so late :) Worth it.

I've convinced Jbird to go to Olathe movies today. He is leery of the Turnpike and KC/Legends/anywhere near Leavenworth County right now still. I don't know yet what we'll see, but I'm excited to go.. oh for comfort in a theater!

Oh on that note.. Reds2 Meh. Good enough that I'm glad we saw it, but not nearly as engaging as the first. Helen Mirren, though, is still as kick-ass as ever.

I've ordered a bunch of new inventory for the Rae's Passion demo bag. Made two sales on private consultations, and so I aim to make back the investment asap. Sold two of the remote control Gizm-Os at once!


(oh, and if anyone has considered doing this, they have the demo kit at half price today thru August 4. $99 for a few hunnert bucks worth of products, let me know!)
I'm considering making a splash page for that website because I don't much care for the official PP page. Any suggestions or ideas of what would be of interest are most welcome.

I'm still hoping to recruit a few good people to host parties for me. Doesn't have to be big, just a few friends over drinks is an ideal party for me. I have some other ideas, too, since I just picked up a super lil webcam on craigslist cheap.

And I have gorgeous flowers on my table.. thank you, sweetheart, and fancy toes, too.



Speaking of guilty pleasures...
And .. I know it's an older one, but I still love this.. count the guilty pleasures!

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Star Trek: Into Darkness delivered all I had hoped. LOVED IT.
Although, holy crap, am I the only one who has considered light ear plugs for the movie theater?
One of the previews they showed actually hurt my ears, it was so loud. I spent most of them with my fingers over my ears. Coincidentally, this article on annoying hearing people showed up in my feed this morning, and I think it's valid for all interactions, quite frankly.
I think we'll go ahead and see Fast & Furious 6 at the big screen as well. The AMC or Legends, that is. We went ahead and ran to the local, since we had a lot to get done yesterday, but the filth, politics and horridly uncomfortable seats have driven us away.

In other celebrity notes, on things that deliver:

Zach is so adorably funny, and now I love him even more. Although I have to snicker at the wording in that article that could lead one to believe that he's married to Bradley Cooper.

This is simply beautiful and moving:

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