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Aug. 26th, 2013 12:13 pm
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That long ago, that short of a time ago, we won the right to vote, ladies.

We are not about to give it up. If you want to keep fighting for voters' rights, for all people, see more women in legislation and DO SOMETHING locally, get involved. Douglas County NOW meetings are happening at Conroy's Pub every second Tuesday evening.

And that woman's coat at the beginning... *covet*
redheadfae: (April 2010 peeking in)
Tomorrow Jbird is taking off for the entire week, and possibly longer. I love him very much but the idea of being together 24/7 for that long just makes me itchy. I'll have to steal some Alone Time so that I don't get downright pissy.

We decided to spend the eve of July 4 with Mum and Dad, due to his surgery being the next day. In a weird twist of belief and nonsense, I am bargaining with the Universe that all will be well, since I'm spending that time with him. SillY? Yes, but comforting in this nerve-rattling situation.

I can't think about the surgery. They are going to crack his chest open! Arrrgh. My father has always been a very healthy man, rarely sick, and only recently had to be on any sort of medications...in his 70s. It's affecting me very deeply, this change.

Other things that don't affect me as much, but I am still passionate about, include the continuing erosion of reproductive rights and the (de)moralization of government interference in our personal choices. I didn't watch Wendy take on the Texas Senate, but here is an excellent write-up on just what happened there.
I was struck by this paragraph:

This is all horrifying, but as long as we’re on the topic of insult-to-injury, I should also add that as a Texas woman, I have often had to listen to well-meaning ignoramuses respond to these facts with snarky secession jokes and the question, “What do you expect from Texas?” Suggesting, I suppose, that if I and 13 million other American women are denied access to a constitutionally guaranteed right, it’s because by living in Texas we are essentially, you know, asking for it.

Substitute Kansas for Texas and I'm seeing the same sort of nonsense in various locations on social media. I choose to live in this town in this state for this time being, and I also tire of it being the brunt of this sort of attitude. There are changes need be made, of course, and so I went to the newly formed Douglas County NOW meeting last month. I'll go back. There is work to be done if women are to be represented in our state, and I hope we'll come up with ways to support that work.

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