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Whoa. I stayed out a little too late last night, seeing the new stuff and my old gal pals in the Passion Parties biz. I've missed them. So many of them are so positive-minded, no matter what is going on in their lives. It's a good energy to soak up.

I'm back in the swing of that, as much as I can in small spurts (ha!). So, if you know anyone needs any refills of products or would like to see the cool new stuff .. hook us up?

I'm kinds of excited to try out the new We-Vibe 4 Plus, because it comes with an app to control the vibrator. Yep, a phone app! You can dial it in from wherever you can call your partner. So Excited.

And I love the new packaging. Time to get a party put together! Would anyone out here like to attend one at my place?

I wish I had more energy to share. That's a big nope. I'm debating on calling for delivery supper.

Shades party
WeVibe 4 Plus
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Oh.. the lovely ladies of Advanced Style are back on my radar, and looking better than ever in the lower photos.

Keeping up, the truck did run $304 more for all the welding.. if you need and exhaust/automotive welding work, I definitely recommend Rich Johnson in N. Lawrence, he of the home-built local Batmobile fame.

Pablo did not get to come home for the weekend. Poor kitty, he's still having troubles. The bill has reached frightening levels for me so I'm posting several of my inventory items up for sale on my FB. Please, if you head over there, have caution to not connect my blog here to my FB postings. Thank you!

Basically, any orders can be placed with free shipping until about 10pm Sunday night, as long as you go personally through me and not the website.

C'mon Pablo get well!

In exciting news, Bette Midler is going to play Mae West!

And this is wonderful: Today, I Met God. I'd say he nailed it!

If that isn't enough Good Feels for you, let me point out 28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013. I don't know which I like the best, really. Perhaps Mindy.
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Even though shit has hit the fan and Pablo is still under observation at the vet *sob* the infection was really bad... things are getting better.
I have a very good shot at a temp position for the Golf Course Superintendents' Association. I'll let that sink in for a minute. Okay, you can stop laughing now. Because part of the assignment is 5 days in Florida for the conference. In Feb. You know, when we're about to go batshit crazy from winter.
Pay isn't great, but... better than the about to be cut off emergency unemployment.. especially when there's diddly squat for assignments and jobs right now.

I'm having a sale on several products on Facebook right now, so if you're interested drop me a note, and I'll clue you in. One thing on sale is the Soft and Silky Shave Lotion and Protective spray, for $25 (and tax/shipping) or $10 for just the Lotion. Also Clean & Simple spray toy cleanser, and the Pear flavor Embrace lube.
I'm offering deals on everything that is ordered online, because I really need a boost this month. Order deadline for Xmas delivery is the 16th. Thank you for any and all support.
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Dad's home and well.

Here's a thought, waking in the middle of the night is normal, not insomnia. Well, if we lived a few hundred years ago, that is.
"I tell them that what they are experiencing is a throwback to the bi-modal sleep pattern."

Here's something fun: Recycle your broken sex toy! You'll get a $10 credit with Scarlet Girl. But please come back and see me ;) I've got the new We-Vibe 4 and the Leaf Vitality 2, or at least I will have by next week. I'm really thrilled to see these new toys, because, you know, fully submersible, USB-chargable, and remote control.. yah! Plus.. new men's body goodies,

V day launch

I've got to get some parties on the calendar, I got the blues in November and need to get ramped up for the upcoming holiday/pre-Valentine season. (Of course, my dear friends are welcome to see anything without a party, just ask)
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Well, the storms last night really kept people in and I had a practically no-show party in KC. Ah well, bad with the good. For the winter, I think I'm going to need to pick up at least a part-time gig for the bad weather nights where I will likely get cancellations.

Dad has been doing well, he's had both his cataracts removed now. I'm amazed at the advances in medicine, they corrected his vision with the lenses they implanted. Other than for his double vision (needs prism in his glasses due to a muscular paralysis), he wouldn't have to wear glasses again. Mum's got done .. no glasses for her now but her "cheaters". Dad goes in December for a hip replacement, he'd hoped to have it done before any shitty weather set in, so here's hoping on that for him.

I had to share this!
I adore feats of strength combined with music and spectacle, ie Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil. But I don't think any of them have caught my breath like this French act:

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one does not bellydance

I've also found a new eye make-up remover that works as well as the (stupid people) now changed MK formula I used to use.
It's called Nuance, in Selma Hayek's line of cosmetics (?!) and I found it at CVS. It's also a giant bottle for half the price of MK.

If I keep at this rate of return, I am now making on gross income the same amount I made working full-time temping at the hospital last year.

I feel as happy/goofy as this guy:

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I've had a marvelous weekend, starting with a vending event where I got tons of leads, a super-fun party on Friday (no expectations and yet, it was among my top selling parties), a trip to a supermall, movies and relaxation.

Funniest bit at the party was where one guest told another, after a zinger, to "eat a bag of dicks" and another gal yelled out, "*She's* got the bag of dicks up there!"
New top seller for me.. Glitter Gel Body Lotion. This stuff is great and it doesn't transfer off once it dries. The bellydancers at last week's party love it.

I finally got to see "Now You See Me" which I had hoped would be at least as good as "The Prestige" what with Michael Caine being in it. It wasn't quite as good, but worthy of watching nonetheless.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon seeing "The World's End" which was as hilarious as I hoped. Think of Brit version of Men in Black, really. Definitely a welcome distraction, even if the end was a bit dragged out.

I finally got a SodaStream so I can make my own fizzy water, now to find the time to do it today.
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Interview today for a KU temp job, we'll see how that goes. Don't think I've ever had to *interview* for a temp assignment.

I had two parties this past weekend, and look to be busy next month on practically every weekend. Fun! I got compliments on my presentation, that it's very much improved over my first. What? You didn't know that I'm doing these? YES! I even have a shopping website!
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Hey fellow Target shoppers, if you should see this dress on the clearance rack in Large or even XL, or in black, snap it up for me, please? I'll gladly pay you postage and finder's fee lil gift :)
It's made by Xhilaration, is a soft cotton knit, and not avail online, or anywhere in the Lawrence/KS area but at Overland Park. I'm hoping someone can find it elsewhere in the state/country, or heck even if it's in black (but not the stripes).


I'm also needing some end-of-month orders for Passion Parties, and some hosting for August/September. Let me know if you're interested in helping me out. I have a discount code for online orders at my website, THANKYOU20, it's good thru August 1.

I'm also pretty excited about getting a fancy new webcam and trying out some virtual parties/demos!
Things are looking up. I just sold a couple high-end items by doing private consultations, so that's another avenue I'm exploring.

Oh, and now for the begging, please go like my Facebook page :) Feedback is welcome here on any of my postings, too.

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