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What the what? I've not had this happen so quickly before!

I've had a scratchy throat off and on for a week or more, thought it was spring allergies or needing to change the filter. Lazy and hadn't done it. Yesterday I awoke with a fully clogged head, sneezing, sniffling, nose running like a faucet, the full-on "you've got a Real Cold now, missy!" shit.

I drank two Kombuchas.. one to try a new brand, and one after Yeshe suggested ginger to me, and I had just bought some Gingerade flavor. I also took a couple packets of electrolytes at intervals, and tried to knock myself out with NyQuil, which didn't work because I was just not tired. But hey ho, finally got to sleep around 10:30.

I woke up this morning, just a bit groggy, but once I was up, I felt like a whole new person. The running nose is GONE, the clogged head, GONE. My eyes were puffy, and a bit crusty, but that's the only sign of what appeared to be a full on cold yesterday.
I'm drinking another gingerade kombucha right now, and I'm not even hungry yet either.

I am sold on this stuff.

ETA: Also, having a conversation with Yeshe Chodron this afternoon to see if her Success Cleanse might be effective and amenable to my eating. I don't mean to get all woo-woo again, but putting positive people around me who are willing to be helpful and give me some pointers seems like a good idea. Hell, if the Kombucha with ginger that she suggested is ANY indicator by how well I feel today, I think I'm already sold on her program, just need to work it out a bit.
redheadfae: (April 2010 peeking in)
So last night, after a good deal of thought, I realized that I've been in a borderline depression for quite some time now. Enough that I'm on the verge of considering chemical support for it. I do not want to do this, so I'm heading for other possibilities, like dancing more, listening to music more, etc.
And BAM, there it is, as if I didn't need a bigger Clue-by-Four from the Universe, I have a dreadful head cold today. Then I find an interesting conversation on emotions and health.
So. hmph.

I also found myself in the Pre-Cold of having a very short temper with people, so I'm guarding my interactions today, limited to folks whom I know understand me, or have known me for a long time.
Because mostly I feel like this, although I'm trying very hard to be more positive and looking for understanding, rather than letting random strangers get my dander up:

Elizabeth flips off

I think I need a nap.

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