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I really wish I'd had seen this essay by Roger Ebert prior to our visit with Jbird's folks. They were so dismayed to hear that I didn't believe in heaven and that death is just The End.
Having this to say would have been a much cleaner end to the conversation, All I require of a religion is that it be tolerant of those who do not agree with it. From what little we spoke about different forms of Christianity, even they seemed they would be open to that sentiment, because we did discuss how Catholicism differs from Lutheranism, and they explained a bit about their own Church of God in Christ (wow, very strict interpretation of the Bible, and yet some of it seems odd to me. For one, they have NO musical instruments in church, the only way to worship musically is with the human voice, yet the Bible mentions instruments being used in praise all over the place). We discussed baptism, and the different ways it's done, which was quite interesting, and maybe it's that Roz was here, but dear old FIL didn't get all bug-eyed and crochety over our differences.

I have to get out all our stuff to get taxes done. Like, now. After I get my nails and hair done, of course, PRIORITIES, people! Also.. sun!

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