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It's been a rough start to the week, what with Pablo back at kitteh hospital on Saturday. Urinary issues again, but not a blockage, it seems he's not able to empty his bladder fully and it's backed up. I did get to see him yesterday and he was One Very Nuzzly Kitty. He'll come home today and it's back on the Cosequin for good. Thankfully, my insistence on his diet was correct and he has NO, as in ZERO, struvite in his urine. So, suck it, Hills, there are better foods out there.

In party news, I had two parties this weekend, and did right at $1600 in sales! That brings me around $600 income, not bad for weekend gigs, eh?
We also got a new brochure with a harness in it.. (aboutdamntime) and with wording that is all women inclusive.. yay!
Passion Parties marketing had traditionally been a bit slanted toward hetero couples, with us changing wording as we see fit to be inclusive, but they have changed with the times. The new brochure is for *every* woman, with plans for a brochure geared toward men as well. I'm glad to be part of progressive movement!
Want to see it? PM me or comment on my Rae's Passion page and I'll get one for you.

In other good news, I woke up hungry today. This is a Very Good Thing, because it means I'm getting my liver enzymes back in balance. Also, exploring various toxicities, such as copper (old water pipes, anyone?)
57 days sober.

And for your entertainment, I give you Patrick Stewart's native dialect:

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