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May. 9th, 2013 09:14 am
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I'm somewhat panged at times by our ATT subsidized phone service (Jbird is reimbursed since he has to use his phone at work, for email and on-calls). Pretty soon it will be a super-great time to switch to Credo, for any of you considering it. They are about to launch both the Samsung Galaxy 4 and the HTC One, both of which look to be super Smartphones. We have S3s and love them.

In more slut-shaming and rape culture, with an attempt to lighten up ), a Calif high school's officials "forced the girls to flap their arms up and down and turn around for the male administrators inspection" and sent 40 of them away from a spring dance. WTFingF?

:regains composure and breath:

And I think it's time to balance that with some gratitude training.

In other news, I'm going to try and work my way into a Passion Parties business, because having to go back to another soul-sucking attempt at a new job in this town just puts my knickers in a twist. I might as well have fun untwisting, and helping others get their own "untwisting" done.

And in other Great News, I'm only very slightly sore from two hours on the lake on Tuesday!
Today starts my 3 Day Intense Cleanse, possibly to be followed by a Juice Fast, we'll see.
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That little humanoid is still a mystery, and more test results are to come. Updated research and comparison to human fetus photos on this document.

Last week of the cleanse, and I've made two decisions.
1) I'm going to go ahead with the 3 day by Chef Amber. I will not go over 3 days both meat and dairy-free because I don't want to have to "gently" re-introduce meats, and I don't have enough information to get complete protein without the use of grains.

2) After that, I'm using Mark's Daily Apple 5 day recipe plan, this is so convenient.

Today.. I just don't know. We might go look at a canoe at Cabela's for later purchase (Summer! Water! Exercise that's fun!) and drift through the Art in the Park, if it's not too chilly out.
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What the what? I've not had this happen so quickly before!

I've had a scratchy throat off and on for a week or more, thought it was spring allergies or needing to change the filter. Lazy and hadn't done it. Yesterday I awoke with a fully clogged head, sneezing, sniffling, nose running like a faucet, the full-on "you've got a Real Cold now, missy!" shit.

I drank two Kombuchas.. one to try a new brand, and one after Yeshe suggested ginger to me, and I had just bought some Gingerade flavor. I also took a couple packets of electrolytes at intervals, and tried to knock myself out with NyQuil, which didn't work because I was just not tired. But hey ho, finally got to sleep around 10:30.

I woke up this morning, just a bit groggy, but once I was up, I felt like a whole new person. The running nose is GONE, the clogged head, GONE. My eyes were puffy, and a bit crusty, but that's the only sign of what appeared to be a full on cold yesterday.
I'm drinking another gingerade kombucha right now, and I'm not even hungry yet either.

I am sold on this stuff.

ETA: Also, having a conversation with Yeshe Chodron this afternoon to see if her Success Cleanse might be effective and amenable to my eating. I don't mean to get all woo-woo again, but putting positive people around me who are willing to be helpful and give me some pointers seems like a good idea. Hell, if the Kombucha with ginger that she suggested is ANY indicator by how well I feel today, I think I'm already sold on her program, just need to work it out a bit.

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