Oct. 23rd, 2010 09:05 am
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Pulled out a pkg of the bacon from our hog today, ohmygoodness, did it smell good. We had it cut 1/8" thick, so the packets look small, but they aren't all spread out like grocery store "slabs".
It's meatier than packaged as well. I only wish I'd known better as to have some of the loin made into "Canadian" bacon, but .. next time. It's all an ongoing experiment.

Within five minutes of oven time, the most wonderful smell permeated the kitchen. This fresh cured bacon smells so different than store-bought.
Killer went off and got distracted, so it was more crispy than we meant it to be, note to selves, this cooks a little bit quicker even though it's thicker.

But oh man. Crunchy bacon goodness, indeed.

Notes from online research: next time
more canadian bacon
fresh ham into steaks instead of half hams
get the fat, get the fat, get the fat ... for rendering
more to come.. notes
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As promised earlier, here is a great webpage to explain all the different cuts of pork and what's what in ribs.

We ordered a whole hog .. mmmm...I can hardly wait for that first roast!

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