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This journal is mainly Friends Only for the Good Stuff.
I'm pretty open-minded about who is allowed in, so just drop a comment and mention where you found me to be put on my filter.
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Well, then, I'm so glad that #45's immigration "slow down" hasn't affected me getting all my LJ over here at last, but it did take some rightfully buggered up identification to get here! LOL

I've gotten new glasses, a keyboard 'g' that sticks and made that 'lasses at first, and we all ot excited!
Alas, no new lady friends, just spectacles.
Not A spectacle, mind you.

I've been rightfully diagnosed with the PMP gene deletion, which means.. yes, ta dah! I do have HNPP.
(See me flinging I told you so middle fingers at many a folk here)

I'm tired.
Always tired. And now slightly more dyslexic, which is very annoying, as I've prided myself for years on having a near photographic memory and it's going away bit by bit.

I hope people do some interaction here.
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Wot 'ave we here?

On the rec of a dear friend, this journal is being activated in lieu of LJ.

comment to be added.

thank you,

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At least 10 phone calls to make, more bill auto-pay to set up, sheets in the laundry,
hair to be dyed, and follow-ups made.

Rest, breathe and then count down some more.
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Oh, do I need this T-shirt.. I'll bet some of my friends, too.

only knives left

I can't remember how to make the pic a link, if someone does, please tell me. But here's the link to the T or a patch .. and $5 goes to Lupus Ontario for recognizing the Spoon Theory. But it really should go to the gal who first came up with it.
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Beasts of Another Nation, because Fugunaka.

Van Gogh as Mad Scientist explains Starry Night and others:
Turbulence, or turbulent flow, is a concept of fluid dynamics where fluid movements are "self-similar" when there's an energy cascade — so basically, big eddies make smaller eddies, and those make even smaller ones ... and so on and so forth.

And Journaling, Astronauts Chronicle Missions.

These have been brought to me from Internet Rabbit Holing, thankyounotsomuch, Insomnia.
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I hope Upworthy or one of those "and then THIS happened" sites doesn't downplay the true power of this story.
The white man in that photo

Bravo to all of these men who stood up for each other.. to the end.

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This makes me even sadder that the world has lost this man. I never knew about this project.
Leonard Nimoy celebrated full-figured women through photos
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Yes, it's gloomy and drizzly, but I'm LOVING it because it's a great reason to loll around in my brand new GIANT bed, on brand-new sheets, pillows and covers.

Also.. HAPPIEST of birthdays to my dearest friend, [ profile] clevermanka!! Lookin' great, bb!

And a poll of opinions for those of you who love luxurious sheets as much as I do:

Chime in with your fave brand/name sheets and why you like them? I'm still searching out new ones.
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I keep repeating this because it's short and so clever:


Dec. 3rd, 2014 07:05 am
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I had a scare with my vision on Friday, had been having "lightning flashes" and hazy sight. I made an appt and emailed Dr. Harvat, who told me "come in now". These can be normal PVD, Posterior Vitreol Detachment events, or they can be a symptom of a retinal tear from the same floater detaching from the retinal tissues. Thankfully, it was the former. I'm leaving this open as a personal PSA to my friends also hitting the mid-century mark. Have those eyeballs checked when something goes out of normal.

I found this on the newsfeed of that other place. Beware of GMO humans. He has a good message.

On his playlist, I also found this one, "Dear Mr. President". Well done, Prince Ea.

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One thing about being super busy.. 12 hours goes by pretty darn fast.

Thus far I have put in 25.9 hours on the next paycheck, and it's only Monday.

At this rate, not including any days that I *might* go over on time due to being caught on a long call at quitting time, I will have 21.9 hours of overtime this week. Yes, that's on one week.


I leave you this interesting article on the sekrit Costco pricing code. Handy to have if, like me, you tend to buy and fall in love with items that are promptly discontinued. This way, we know ahead of time.
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Yes, it's been five years since I turned 50, and I'm balking at knowing that yesterday I turned 55. How did that happen?
I didn't take the day off, and I'm not taking the day after off either. I did leave a couple hours early... but to get my insurance in order, not take an early cocktail. I did grown-up things that needed doing. I didn't want to go out to dinner, I wanted a pile of smoked, BBQ chicken wings in my jammies and a fluff movie. I did all those things.

And I loved every minute of it.
Thank you, [ profile] supergee for the mention and good wishes. My journal is friends only for the most part, so if you're visting, you won't see much unless you ask me to add you.
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Whoa. I stayed out a little too late last night, seeing the new stuff and my old gal pals in the Passion Parties biz. I've missed them. So many of them are so positive-minded, no matter what is going on in their lives. It's a good energy to soak up.

I'm back in the swing of that, as much as I can in small spurts (ha!). So, if you know anyone needs any refills of products or would like to see the cool new stuff .. hook us up?

I'm kinds of excited to try out the new We-Vibe 4 Plus, because it comes with an app to control the vibrator. Yep, a phone app! You can dial it in from wherever you can call your partner. So Excited.

And I love the new packaging. Time to get a party put together! Would anyone out here like to attend one at my place?

I wish I had more energy to share. That's a big nope. I'm debating on calling for delivery supper.

Shades party
WeVibe 4 Plus
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Dang it, so many projects out there to be funded #lotteryputtogooduseplease

Two Russian physicists plan to build the Wardenclyffe Tower and provide free energy.
Oh yes, please let this happen!

Pick n mix

May. 29th, 2014 09:32 pm
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Taking a poll here.. I think I know which set of frames I like for my glasses.. I just want to see if anyone agrees. So.. do me a favor and comment with your fave look for me. Bear in mind that *some* of these will come in a smaller size if they appear a little large, so if you think yes, but too big, mention it. Also, sorry about the blurry of a couple, but you get the idea of the side view of each
Thanks friends!

1 20140529_182433
2 20140529_182427
3 20140529_172649
4 20140529_172643
5 20140527_150724
6 20140527_150706 - Copy
7 20140527_150405 - Copy
8 20140527_150400 - Copy
9 20140527_084938 - Copy
10 20140527_084931 - Copy
11 20140527_084001 - Copy
12 20140527_083237 - Copy
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This kid was not an emo whiner, nor was he some awkward loser. I do not believe that he was "rejected and bullied all his life for being socially very awkward".. He was a smooth sociopath, he convinced the police under questioning about his previous actions on a welfare check instigated by this mother (what? was she too busy to check on her own son.. now there's some rejection for you)... convinced the police that he was a "nice polite guy", and yet, he wrote, "I will punish all females for the crime of depriving me of sex." Touch of rape culture entitlement? No, his vitriol is totally based on it.

Yes, he was rejected.. most likely for being an asshole to the "spoiled stuck up blonde slut(s)" who "refused to give him sex", and for being an ass to his former roommate for "having a slut in his room."

This is not Asperger's. I wonder at the parents who send a kid out into the college community when he'd broken down and declared himself suicidal at the family table. Did they even believe him? Looking at his timeline in town, *he* was the bully. I'm willing to bet it didn't suddenly pop up just because he was away from home. He planned to kill his brother to keep him from passing him up.

It's not just about guns, either. He used knives to kill his roommates; he ran people down with his car. Nope, the problem goes deeper and is societal... that this jackass felt entitled to the prettiest girls, and when they didn't respond to the hatred he'd already expressed, he decided to "slaughter them all." This is misogyny, and it added up to yet another case of people noticing a problem, yet not doing enough about it.

LJ woes

May. 25th, 2014 03:13 pm
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WTF, LJ? I can't figure out where to manage my userpix and scrapbook off my profile now. I think the theme page I use borks up now. Can anyone help?

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